Picking Flowers – My Favorite Spots

Typically, when one wants to go about getting one or more flowers, they’ll buy them from a florist. When one uses flowers on a regular basis, they may even grow them in their back yard. And why not? These are, by far, the two easiest ways to go about acquiring said flowers and involve little hassle. And, as for the latter, it may even be fun. But what happens when you haven’t grown anything and the florist doesn’t have your girlfriend’s favorite flower? Or perhaps you’re looking for an outdoor excursion that doesn’t cost anything? Either way, going outside with the sole purpose of picking flowers can be a fun experience for some people; I know I’ve undertaken the task on several occasions. With that said, here are my favorite places to go when that time strikes. Before i forget it, did you know that sport gloves can be great to use when picking flowers? I use a pair of parkour gloves when i pick flowers, here you can find the right gloves for parkour and picking flowers.


It’s too easy, right? Well, not as easy as you might think. While you could go to the suburban park five minutes away, this likely won’t prove overly fruitful unless you fancy yourself a truckload of dandelions. Typically, this is due to weeds being the only thing which can survive the wrath of the groundskeeper. As such, parks further away from your municipality are likely your best option due to their lower (or non-existent) level of maintenance. To find such a park in your general vicinity, try looking at websites geared toward parkour in your area like traceurzone. You’ll find the people interested in the sport often go exactly where you need to be. Who knows? You might even find a new hobby while you’re out there!


Sure, this might require a bit of dedication and perseverance. While I certainly wouldn’t recommend driving and pulling over every time you see a flower (it may prove to be rather dangerous), walking alongside the road can prove fruitful. Even the grass just twenty feet out from the road tends to provide me with more than I can carry. Be alert though, as you’ll be among fast cars. Like I said; the further away you are from the road, the better.

Lowbrow Public Areas

Similar to the above to areas, lowbrow public areas undergo little maintenance and, as such, typically have a large variety of flowers in place of weeds. I needn’t say a whole lot more. If a piece of greenery looks a little run down from a distance, it’ll probably have quite a few flowers. Don’t let dead trees and old tires scare you away, areas like this are great, whether they be behind an old, abandoned store or alongside a train track which has been out of use for a few years.

The Mild Wild

By the mild wild, I refer specifically to unattended greenery which is technically still within the realms of a municipality. Ottawa’s massive greenbelt is a good example of this. While such forests and bush may not look so prosperous when viewing it from the edge of the road, you’ll find stepping into one much the same as stepping right into the wild. If there’s anywhere in the city where you’ll find the widest variety of plant life, it will be here.

Drawing a Rose with Colored Pencils – What Will You Need?

I’ll start off by saying I’m not an art instructor. While I myself do dabble in the activity (primarily with drawings of flowers), I’m not a professional artist who has pictures up in New York and Ottawa’s art galleries. As such, there are likely better people you can learn to draw a flower from than myself. What I can do; however, is get you started in the right direction in terms of the supplies needed to come out with the perfect drawing of a flower outside of “get some colored pencils.” Because one individual will draw in a different style than another, I’ll be sure to indicate what each item is for. If you feel it irrelevant to your own drawing style, feel free to skip any given item! This is a very general article who’s sole purpose is to make sure all your bases are covered before going into the drawing in the first place.

Hard Colored Pencils

Yes, all colored pencils are hard. The lead found within; however, has a bit more wiggle room. While some pencils are as soft as crayons, others can get to be even harder than your standard, yellow, number two pencil you grew up using in math class. Which colors you actually buy are entirely up to you, as I have no idea what color you want your rose to be. Just make sure that you have the colors you need in hard pencils, as these will be the bread and butter of your drawing. While I won’t recommend any specific colors, I will recommend some shades. Having white, black and gray colored pencils on your person at all times during the making of your drawing will definitely come in handy later on when shading narrow lines on your rose.

Soft Colored Pencils

Remember when I mentioned there were colored pencils who’s inner leads were as soft as the wax in a crayon? You’ll want some of those. While not necessary, these can have a great effect for those who want to get advanced with their drawing and blend colors throughout. Simply put, there’s nothing that blends better in terms of colored pencils. When soft colored pencils are utilized in the drawing of a flower, the trail of color they leave on the paper will typically account for the bulk of the drawing. The reason for this is that while such pencils are king when it comes to blending large splotches of color, they’re useless for outlines. Once again, black, white and grey are necessities when blending colors. Outside of that, get whichever colors you feel are best suited to your project. Make sure to check out these watercolor pencils: reviews & comparison table

Sharpening Settings

On a final note, I’ll say that the pencil is to the sharpener what the television is to the wall outlet. One simply does not work without the other. I’ll mention from the start that spending fifty dollars on a pencil sharpener simply isn’t necessary. However, getting one which allows you to flick a switch to decide how sharp your pencils come out is a good idea as this is great for both outlining and shading. Sharperthepoint is a good start for more information, visit their website.

Ask the Flower Guy – Which Rose is Best for Each Occasion?

Red Roses

Red roses hold the top spot in romantics of all sorts and are almost never (or, at least should almost never) be used for anything else but to express love to one’s significant other. Roses are to your valentine what over-strength aftershave is to your dad. Naturally and coincidentally color-coded in a bluntly obvious way, red roses aren’t typically something you’d give to your mother, nor should they be used to send condolences of any sort. While they may still get the message across depending on the context of the situation, it’s best to avoid red roses for anything other than romantic occasions or gestures, lest the wrong person get the wrong message, leading to a rather awkward conversation later on down the road. While red roses are typically seen as being one of the more popular roses available, you’ll typically find the red-to-everything-else ratio of roses skyrocket come Valentines Day. During other times of the year; however, any worthwhile florist likely still carries a good number of them. Red roses have to be the easiest and most convenient way to express love through a gift.

White Roses

White roses are likely the more versatile of the bunch. While they certainly can’t be said to be one of the more popular colors available, you’ll find them to be suitable for more than one occasion. Typically, such occasions are of the formal variety and aren’t inherently used by the gifter to express fondness of the giftee, as is the case with red roses. If you’ve ever been to a wedding the incorporates the use of flowers in a decorative fashion, you’ll likely have seen numerous white roses scattered about the venue of the wedding in question. While one’s wedding decor all comes down to personal preference, the white rose could be considered the more “traditional” flower for such an event. White roses may also be used to express condolences. Those giving flowers to someone who just lost a loved one will likely opt for roses that are white in color over any other rose.

Yellow Roses

Roses yellow in color are meant to carry less weight in terms of the emotion expressed through their respective gifting. Because of this, there isn’t exactly any one event where they may be most suitable. Things such as birthdays, baby showers or other lighthearted events often lend themselves to yellow roses, assuming one plans to gift a rose in the first place. Yellow roses are also usually a staple of the multi-colored flower bouquet due to such bouquets often being gifted for similarly lighthearted occasions, despite their apparent heavy-duty stature.

Such roses are great for gifts to give to family members and friends. While one could certainly argue there is typically a rose for any possible occasion (because there is), yellow roses can be a worthwhile substitute for any other color when one is unsure of which of the more “specialized” colors would be most suitable for any given situation. If you forget which color to get or simply don’t have the time to sort through different roses, yellow roses can work just fine. One should be aware; however, that substituting red roses with yellow roses may somewhat diminish their effect.

Pink Roses

Pink roses can be used both in friendly and semi-professional settings with great effect. Typically, one who gifts one or more pink roses will usually do so as an act of appreciation or a thank you. Whether someone shoveled your driveway while you were away or offered to watch the kids for the night, if you plan on repaying the favor through the use of roses, pink is the color you want. Like yellow roses, you’ll find pink ones to be the most effective while in their own realm, though there’s certainly a bit of wiggle room in terms of using them in place of other roses. While getting the proper roses for any occasion is in your best interest, pink roses may effectively be used to replace yellow or red (though not white) roses.

Multi-Colored Bouquets

Lastly, I’ll make the case for multi-colored bouquets. We’ve briefly touch base on pink and, more specifically, yellow roses and their use in more lighthearted situations. Multi-colored bouquets will often give off the same effect, though with a little more oomph. Typically, such bouquets will rely heavily on yellow and/or pink roses while mixing different colors in throughout. Outside of somber occasions (which should only see white), these bunches of roses are typically seen as being more multi-purpose when compared to pink or yellow flowers alone. Valentines Day, Mothers Day and birthdays can all be handled adequately by these bouquets. Although, because they’re so useful and fruitful, one can expect to pay a higher price for them than they otherwise would. Of coarse, any rose can simply be seen as a gift. When you pick out the right one(s); however, you’ll find getting the message across to be a much easier ordeal.